We at RTC pride in ourselves at making sure that your child's individualised tutoring programme is created and developed to suit his/her specific learning requirements.

Whether your child needs general ongoing help after school, specific training towards entrance exams such as the SAT’s, 11plus, 13 plus, GCSE, “A” Levels or a more intensive programme over the holidays or after school during term times our Education Consultants are here to listen to your requirements and match your children to the best tutor(s) that will suit your needs. You might consider a preliminary assessment of your child with a trained teacher to pinpoint his/her exact requirements.

Private tuition on a one-to-one basis is clearly the most productive way to learn.

Private tuition can be used to help your child catch up after temporarily falling behind, to learn a subject outside the school environment, to stretch your child further or give closer attention to the needs of your child than is possible in a classroom environment.

We at RTC feel home tutors and private tutors can offer a number of benefits for your child, including raising levels of school performance, but also helping a child to increase their confidence, enjoyment and motivation in a subject.

The extra focus and tailored attention of specialised one-to-one private tuition can be the decisive factor that will make the difference to successful learning and good exam grades, ensuring that you or your child is able to gain the most benefit from their mainstream educational activities and fulfil their academic potential.