We carry out a FREE Initial Assessment

The first step is to contact us to book a FREE initial assessment and schedule and appointment that suits YOU. The students will be given a 30-45 assessment to complete, whilst the parents are presented with key information and have any questions answered. This assessment is used to let us know exactly what level your child is working at and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Getting started

Based on the initial assessment, we will recommend which classes we think your child benefit the most from. We run a number of different classes throughout the week and on weekends so there is usually a class for everyone’s schedule. We will advise you on at the most suitable option, whether it is 1-1 or group classes.

Study Programmes

Our aim and strategy is to make sure that the student does a progress test after every three sessions. The progress test will be based on the topics covered within the sessions and will be based on questions as per the examination body and national curriculum. Each progress test and every question within the test will be reviewed with the student to ensure that they have got full knowledge and understanding of the respective topic. Students normally seem to think that the progress test are daunting and unnecessary however, our experience has shown us it will make a huge difference to your child’s results. Not only do our progress tests show you how much they have improved, but they also give them valuable exam practice.

Regular Homework

Our programmes are designed to allow children to maintain a working balance of their schoolwork with homework set by us which is carefully designed so you can rest assured your child can only benefit from our bespoke programmes. Your child will receive homework for every lesson which will be marked and given back on a weekly basis. We normally set our students two types of homework depending on your childs ability and commitment one is to reinforce what has been learnt retrospectively in lessons and the other to research topics that will be covered within subsequent lessons. We find that completing homework regularly is a good way of reinforcing what has been learnt and making sure it’s remembered! We always keep a record of all homework marks to consistently monitor the progress of our students.