Maths and English

Maths & English tutoring for all levels & abilities

KS1 TO KS3 from Age 5 to Age 16

We at RTC can provide special classes for your child, if they are waiting to enter for the following:

School Entrance Exams*: 7+, 11+, Common Entrance, Scholarship Papers, Sixth Form Entrance

From learning times tables, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation to GCSE calculating detailed Pythagoras Theorems. We at RTC will cover the National Curriculum
The Main Benefits:

1. Proven Numeracy Gains
Parents of our past students have stated and mentioned that their child had "improved in Maths and English by over 50% higher" than their previous tuition provider.

2. Level of Maths and English
We at RTC assign work to children that is at exactly the right level for them. Hence, our students tackle questions with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. We study the school reports of the children and those excelling at school are challenged further and children who previously struggled are given the time and opportunity to fully understand and master skills.

3. Detailed feedback for parents
We monitor each child’s progress with parents. On request after each session the parents are given a feedback of their child's progress, children are praised and rewarded for their concentration and effort as well as their academic success.

4. 11 PLUS and SAT's
Our aim is to commence preparing students for the SAT’s and 11 plus Exams from age 9 onwards. For more details click on the 11plus tab.

Secondary GCSE Maths

For young people in secondary school, RTC provides maths tuition up to the full GCSE syllabus. Our style, presentation and technique is geared to make sure that ALL our students achieve a PASS however, our aim and strategy is to work towards A* ( Grading will change from 2017 onwards). We focus on each individual topic with lots of practice questions. At the end of the month we tend to give the students a progress test based on the topics covered and all questions within the progress test will be PAST EXAM QUESTIONS from their respective examination board.

As a result of these ongoing progress tests ensures that our students go into their exams with the utmost confidence! We also run GCSE revision courses – a 2 day intensive course in an interactive small group format, covering all key topic areas and coaching in exam technique.