11 Plus/SAT's


CCHS Exam Date: TBA
CSSE Exam Date:  TBA
(It is your responsibility to ensure that all above regarding Exam information is correct and accurate).

Why sit an 11plus mock exam?

With the growing demand and limited spaces for Grammar school places, competition is rising fast. Whilst your child may have the knowledge, new factors such as exam environment, style, presentation, technique, time pressures and the multiple choice format may influence their end result.

How can we help?

At Redbridge Tuition Centre (RTC) we are committed to giving your child the right support at the right time. With over 30 years of experience in the education sector providing various mock exam papers including 11plus tuition in the CEM format. 

Get your child used to examinations, so nerves won’t come into question

Are you worried about your child’s future and the difficulty they may have passing their Eleven Plus exams?
Worry no more, because you can take control of your child’s academic path, helping to steer them towards success. With our Eleven Plus Mock Exams package we will guide them towards exam success with our methods, style, presentation and techniques.

You can relax, knowing that they will perform to the full capacity of their abilities, and this will also give your child the confidence they need to go into that exam without nerves. 

Structure of our course:

To take full advantage of our unique method of conducting the Mock Exam we expect all students MUST register for a minimum of 3 Mock Exams in English and Maths.

The Mock Exam will be conducted under strict exam conditions and what is unique at Redbridge Tuition Centre, is that the test will be immediately reviewed with your child.

During the review session the tutor’s will go over the whole Exam paper step by step. The tutor’s ultimate aim will be to focus on exam style, presentation and technique, which will be of immense benefit to the child and this will make your child proficient by the time they come to the actual exams in September 2016 hence, this will also give your child the confidence they need to go into that exam without nerves.