11 Plus/SAT's


Our aim is to:
  • 1. Build your child’s confidence

  • 2. Get them to manage their time

  • 3. Identifying your child’s weak areas

  • 4. Show them how to approach exam questions

  • 5. Focusing on style, presentation and techniques

  • 6. All exams will be conducted under strict exam conditions

  • 7. Every mock exam will be reviewed immediately afterwards

  • 8. Optional detailed report can be purchased when you book your child

11 plus exam (CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE), CEM (Centre for Monitoring and Evaluation at Durham University Based Exam)

To be prepared for CEM tests it comes down to improving core skills in… 
  • English & Verbal Reasoning (VR)
  • Maths & Numerical Reasoning
  • Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR)

CSSE (Consortium for Selective Schools in Essex)

CSSE English Paper

This will comprise of the following:
  1. Comprehension test,
  2. An applied reasoning test &
  3. A continuous written test
CSSE Maths paper

What is the 11 Plus Mock Test Package?

This will consist of either a CSSE or CEM 11+ format of paper.
We specialise on the English & Maths part of the CEM and CSSE 11 PLUS Exam.